rsync between desktop & external hdd.

shirish shirishag75 at
Mon Sep 3 18:48:11 GMT 2007

Hi all,
      I am a non-technical guy (in some ways) & I did read the man
pages but became no wiser.  My main aim is to do backups between my
hdd & an external 80 GB EIDE hdd. The filesystem is ext3 both on the
hdd as well as have made ext3 partitions to the hdd. I have 2
use-cases really :-

1. take an image of my /home/shirish the first time (without the
.something files) all the remaining files and just do one way
synchronization (whatever is on the hdd gets reflected on the external

2. A folder on another machine which has one directory (again one way
synchornization) .

  In reality I'm gonna go with Grsync as the solution at the end
(which is the UI slapped on top of rsync) but before I trust Grsync I
need to how this works.

I also read quite a bit of documentation on the net where they talk
about using rsync & cron to do the job but still nobody does explain
what the flags do & why I need those flags.

If somebody can take time to tell me a thing or two in layman language
what they mean, I'll be grateful.

Cheers !
          Shirish Agarwal
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