DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4944] Iconv-patch does not convert command-line args

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Mon Sep 3 07:13:49 GMT 2007

------- Comment #2 from wayned at  2007-09-03 02:13 CST -------
Your patch appears to only translate the client's charset into UTF-8 before
sending the command via the remote shell.  This doesn't work for a number of
reasons.  The biggest is that the remote side needs to translate the args into
its local charset.  It also needs to do this before the shell sees it so that
wildcards matching can take place.

The solution I have contemplated for this would be to have --iconv send a
minimal amount of command-line args to get rsync running in server mode, and
then have it perform an arg-sending step to get a replacement set of
command-line args.  This would work in a similar way as the files-from support
(and could probably share much of the same code), but would need to take place
prior to that handling, and the received args would need to be converted from
UTF-8 into the local charset and then wild-card expanded into a new arg list
(there is already code for this that is used in daemon mode).

For the moment, rsync requires the user to be in control of specifying exactly
what they want in a way that the remote system can deal with.

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