Rsync over windows remote desktop

Lapo Luchini lapo at
Sun Sep 2 09:34:43 GMT 2007

Andre Zimmermann wrote:
> They are listed as system folders \\tsclient\C\.  I have tried 
> rsync -rvt "/cygdrive/f/andrestuff/AZPHD/test"
> "/cygdrive/tsclient/C/andrestuff/AZPHD/test" 

The UNC path should be translated to //tsclient/C/ i.e. left alone,
except forward slash use (it works also with backward slashes but I
don't think rsync likes them).

Mapping the drive is probably better anyway...

PS: of course in this way rsync can't work his magic, as "reading the
remote file" to know what has to be sent in fact already send it all
already, and then it would send the actual differencies, so it could
possibly be slower than a simple copy, I wonder?
But if you're planning to use rsync for its wealth of back-options and
not his "speed", then it's good this way too...


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