Discussion about the detect-renamed patch

Charles Perreault charles.perreault at usherbrooke.ca
Wed Oct 31 01:25:07 GMT 2007


I heard recently about the detect-renamed patch for rsync.  I was about 
to code something similar, I need it badly, but decided to give the 
patch a try first.  It seems to work well but it's rename detection 
scheme seems to be limited.  From my tests, it seems to detect that a 
file has changed name only if the file remains in the same base dir.  It 
detects that a file has moved from one dir to another only if it keeps 
the same name.

I was wondering who is/are the author(s) of the patch (it's not written 
in the patch file) as I'd like to discuss with them about possible 

Thank you,

Charles Perreault

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