DO NOT REPLY [Bug 2790] Add support for converting filenames into different encodings

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Wed Oct 31 00:22:30 GMT 2007

------- Comment #11 from cabo at  2007-10-30 19:22 CST -------
> Currently, if iconv is enabled, each
> process converts strings from its local encoding to UTF-8 before sending them
> over the wire and converts strings from UTF-8 to its local encoding after
> reading them from the wire.  

I must admit I didn't get this at all from the documentation (I assume when you
say "UTF-8" you mean "UTF-8 NFC", which may be its conventional meaning in the
Samba world, I don't know).

> Specifically, I propose two options to specify the conversion, if any, to be
> applied on each end: --iconv-client=CLIENT,WIRE and --iconv-server=WIRE,SERVER

Sounds good to me.  WIRE might default to "UTF-8" to make things even simpler
for the most sane cases.

> I think --iconv=. or --encoding-aware is too special-purpose to "need" a
> single-character form in the main version of rsync.  If you use it frequently,
> you can always define your own popt alias.  This is what Wayne recommended for
> my favorite "sane" option, --chmod=ugo=rwX .

As I live in heterogeneous environments, I'm not so sure about that, but then
there is always RSYNC_ICONV (which would need to be able to set the new
options, too, hmm).

Thanks for the quick and sane reply!

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