Force parent directories creation

Matt McCutchen matt at
Tue Oct 30 05:30:34 GMT 2007

On Mon, 2007-10-29 at 19:44 +0200, Pournaris Charalampos wrote:
> If I have a directory tree in the source machine like the following:
> => /raid/system/mainfolder/folder1/subfolder/myfile.txt
> and the target machine directory tree looks like:
> => /raid/system/mainfolder/
> Is there a way to send myfile.txt to the target machine and force rsync 
> to create the target directories (/folder1/subfolder) ?

Yes, you can use --relative and a ./ in a source argument to recreate
the path information after the ./ inside the destination:

rsync --relative <options>

> If mkdir could be used with the '-p' argument by rsync, the above 
> command would work, I think. Any ideas?

That would not be possible because rsync uses the mkdir system call, not
the mkdir command-line tool that has the -p option.  Code to create
ancestors of the destination could be added to rsync, but I'm not
convinced that it should be.  You can always add your own "mkdir -p" to
your script; use --rsync-path='mkdir -p ... && rsync' if you need it to
happen on the remote side.


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