Are extended attributes supported under cygwin for rsync 3.0 pre2 ?

Ben Anderson ben at
Mon Oct 22 18:58:42 GMT 2007


I'm using a Cygwin environment to build an rsync.exe using the 3.0 pre-2 
release of rsync.

No problem there if I just do "./configure", then "make"... everything 
works great.

However, when I run:

"./configure --enable-xattr-support"

I get a message saying:

"Failed to find extended attribute support"

I also see in the sysxattrs.c file that there are coded functions for 
Linux, OSX and FreeBSD... all others result in a compile error of "You 
need to create xattr compatibility functions."

Does that mean that (for now) there's no extended attribute support for 
Windows (and thus no support of --fake-super, etc.)?

If that's the case (i.e., it's not currently supported), is there 
planned support xattrs under Cygwin, and will it be complete? (It would 
be great to be able to rsync files from a Windows box to a Linux box and 
preserve all Windows ACL's, ownership, xattrs, policy info, etc. for the 
file so that when it's restored, all that gets restored with it).

Thanks much,
Ben Anderson

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