rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at main.c(1385)

Mario Domgörgen md at
Tue Oct 16 10:06:25 GMT 2007

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> On 10/15/07, Mario Domgörgen <md at> wrote:
>> No, i don't run the client side command myself. The backup should start
>> from the server, so i use the the second command to connect to the
>> client with an unpriviledged user, that has a forced command in his
>> authorized_keys file.
> The particular data sent by the rsync protocol depends heavily on the
> options used, so if the forced command doesn't match the remote
> command that rsync is trying to invoke, the protocol will get
> corrupted.  I bet this is what caused the error.  Forcing a particular
> --server command is brittle; instead, you should force an
> appropriately configured single-use daemon (my personal preference) or
> use the "support/rrsync" script in the source tree.  See
> .
After testing the daemon method, which besides has also failed, i 
started from the beginning and reaxime the script on the server side. 
And naturally the error was much simpler than i thought ... the script 
didn't end with an exit 0 and  the last command returned with an error 
code. *doh* My script does work now.

Thanks for all the help,

Mario Domgörgen

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