Attributes on Windows files - not ACL

Rob Bosch robbosch at
Sun Oct 14 20:35:46 GMT 2007

I'm wondering why I'm having trouble getting attributes like Hidden or
System to come across from my Windows rsync under cygwin implementation
(2.6.9).  I'm using rsync via an ssh tunnel from one Windows machine to the
other, rsync version 2.6.9.  The options I'm using are -ruvitpAE --super
--preallocate --ignore-errors --stats.  Transfers work great, I just don't
get the target files to have the same Windows file attributes such as hidden
file.  Note, I'm not talking about the ACL issue commonly discussed in the
forums.we just extract those to a text file using fileacl and then capture
that file.  I can't find a  similar way to do file attributes otherwise I'd
be happy taking that approach.  Thanks for any assistance in advance.


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