rsync stops/hangs (from windows to debian)

Miles Raymond at
Mon Oct 8 16:38:05 GMT 2007

Awesome suggestion, but unfortunately it doesn't work in my case. =(

I have noticed, however, that rsync does work from some of the windows servers to the Debian servers.  So even though our main file store can't send files directly to our Debian servers, I've set up one of the windows servers to then rsync the data over to the Debian servers.  For now, that should hold out until I can get all our servers replaced with Debian.


Matt McCutchen wrote:
> As a workaround, you might try setting a --bwlimit, as Wayne suggested here:
> If a low --bwlimit setting doesn't fix the problem, I would be curious
> if a tweak to the way --bwlimit is implemented (e.g., moving the
> sleep_for_bwlimit call *before* the write in writefd_unbuffered, or
> perhaps lowering bwlimit_writemax) would help.  Please tell me if you
> are interested in experimenting with this.
> Matt

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