Any ide why it take long time to run from WinXP to Linux?

Thiep Duong Thiep.Duong at
Wed Oct 3 21:40:49 GMT 2007

I am using rsync2.5.1 on winxp, to rsync about 6GB working directory
to linux host via ssh.

rsync /cygdrive/c/work -arvvze ssh.exe --delete \

This should be an weekly update run, and it took over 2-hrs
work/weekly/2007/Thiep Status Report Apr-30-2007.doc
work/weekly/2007/Thiep Status Report July-20-2007.doc
work/weekly/2007/Thiep Status Report Mar-03-2007.doc
work/weekly/Weekly Report Template.doc
total: matches=420050  tag_hits=420767  false_alarms=111 data=555359304
wrote 530242949 bytes  read 2551080 bytes  56701.33 bytes/sec
total size is 7732580895  speedup is 14.51

PC system is connecting to 100Mb port, and linux system is connecting
to 1000Mb (Cisco Switch)

Anyone know why it take this long?



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