reducing file list bytes transferred

Peter Salameh psalameh at
Mon Oct 1 22:41:53 GMT 2007


This is my first posting to the rsync list.  I mirror a database
containing directories which contain a very large number of files (say
30,000), and sending the file list can often take longer than transferring
the new files.    (Rsync ends up sending nearly the same file list on
every transfer, with only the addition of a few new files.)

Has the rsync team considered an rsync option which would remember the
last file list on both ends, and only send changes to the list?  In my
case this would reduce the number of files in the file list from 300,000
per day to under 1,000 per day.

Might be a good addition to rsync-3.0.

Thanks in advance.

Peter Salameh
psalameh at

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