why not a gui for rsync

Milutin Voinivich ra2323 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 12:27:00 GMT 2007

> If somebody is interesting to create this gui, let me know

Try NasBackup It have rsync GUI.


> Delta Copy unfortunately only works in client/server mode. As I also
> need local mode this is no option (though it looks nice). So me too
> I still haven't found a simple, user-friendly GUI.
You can use the GUI for local mode only.  Take a look at main.phase file

Milutin Voinivich

Daniel Platteau wrote:

> I'm using rsync and I'm very glad, but, in some case, i'm not so happy.
> Some people are backing up the data with rsync but they have a lot of 
> files, more than 100000 and 20 Gb of data.
> We are using batch files and the task scheduling system of windows.
> It is difficult to see if the backup is well done, sometimes, they are 
> error.
> We try to make some gui, one in java, an other in c++ and also one in 
> delphi.
> The target was to make a service who can monitor the backup made with 
> rsync
> and a gui that shown the state of the backup and allow the user to 
> easily take back one file or, even, to take back old versions of the file.
> We are using rsync compiled with cygwin, the rsync software is launch 
> in a shell and we try to collect the information in the "master 
> programm" who have launched rsync.
> This way is maybe not the best way.
> My questions are :
> Is there a way to use the rsync protocol directly in a software 
> without using rsync, like a dll  with a lot of "rsync" functions.
> Is there some works in the world trying to make a good gui for rsync 
> and to let all people using this very good method to make a backup.
> If somebody is interesting to create this gui, let me know
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