Permission denied when running from xinetd

freightcar at freightcar at
Wed Nov 28 13:39:38 GMT 2007

> I think a very important part of using that script was to determine the
> ids, as in: what got written to /tmp/rsync.ids
> (Aside: I would have used "id > /tmp/rsync.ids", not rely on UID being
> set, I believe that's a bash extension, although I may be confused due
> to having been brought up on SysVR2 Unix :-)

as always, I missed the most important part....... :-))

I used both  UID and id

[root at centos1 ~]# cat /tmp/rsync.ids
0 0
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) context=root:system_r:inetd_t

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