Rsync 3.0.0pre6 released

Wayne Davison wayned at
Wed Nov 28 10:31:37 GMT 2007

I've just released rsync 3.0.0pre6, the latest pre-release version of
the upcoming 3.0.0 release.

Things are still progressing in our efforts to stamp out bugs for the
final release.  There are still some things reported earlier that I have
either not yet had a chance to fix or have been unable to reproduce yet,
but I hope to get even more of these problems sorted out soon.  Please
keep up the good work in testing and sending email to the rsync mailing
list with your questions, comments, bug reports, etc.  Thanks!

You can download the source tar file and its signature from here:

The patches directory was released in a separate tar file for this
release.  I'm still considering if this is the best choice or not, so
feel free to comment:

The following changes were made since pre5 was released:

 - Added the "munge symlinks" daemon option that allows a non-chroot,
   writable daemon to handle symlinks with more safety and without
   losing information.  See the rsyncd.conf manpage for full details.

 - Fixed a bug where --list-only mode combined with a delete option
   might try to delete files (which would always fail).

 - Added some extra message-logging categories that allows errors and
   warnings to be reported (and sent to stderr) without generating an
   erroneous end-of-run "some files could not be transferred" report.

 - Some fixes for --fake-super and --xattrs.

 - Fixed two buffer problems in the --iconv code.

 - Updated some build rules to make things more automatic.

 - Switched the creation of proto.h from awk to perl.

 - Updated various admin helper scripts to deal with switch of the
   source repository from CVS to git.

 - Added the --contimeout option that allows a daemon connection to
   timeout after a certain number of seconds.

 - Improved the sender-side hashtable support for really large files
   even more.

To see a full summary of the changes since 2.6.9, visit this link:

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