DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5108] --delete causes: segfault at 00000000fffffff9 rip 00002af8229bb6ab rsp 00007fff88788830 error 4

samba-bugs at samba-bugs at
Tue Nov 27 03:29:06 GMT 2007

------- Comment #1 from matt at  2007-11-26 21:29 CST -------
Please run rsync under gdb to obtain a backtrace for where the crash occurs. 
If your copy of rsync doesn't have debug info, obtain one that does or install
the debug info.  The following thread has some tips about how to isolate the
rsync process that is causing the problem from among the three:

> Note I was unable to run the rsync deamon in debugging mode as described
> on your web page.  Every attempt to start the daemon would immediately exit
> with RC=1, no error message.

That's because you aren't using an rsync daemon.  Just run your original rsync
command under gdb or "strace -f".

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