monitore rsync

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Mon Nov 26 07:47:17 GMT 2007

At 20:20 25.11.2007 +0100, Martin zhsg wrote:
>We have one upload-server (client uploads file via FTP). As soon as a new file is on this server, it needs to be replicated to seven other servers. 
>The file size is typically around 5-10MB and and the volume to replicate is around 200MB/day. 
>For this purpose we plan to use rsync. My question: 
>We want to monitore rsync and want to get a message by email as soon something is not running smoothly. 

Create a script that makes the various rsync calls and check the return
code (exit code), send a mail if something's wrong. You can even redirect
the output of rsync in a file and send this logfile as attachment, so you
already see what may be wrong.

bye  Fabi

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