local rsync hangs with big files

Tom Hummel xiongfeng.tom at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 21 11:51:31 GMT 2007

>> Strange thing is, when I run rsync with strace it completes without
>> errors.
> That would make sense, as the hang seems to be caused by rsync writing
> too much data to the network too fast, and stracing rsync would slow it

There's no network involved here.

> down.  Do whatever works: strace rsync, or use --bwlimit.  If you are
> interested, you could experiment with --bwlimit values and tweaks to the
> --bwlimit implementation to see what gives you the fastest hang-free
> run.

--bwlimit works :/ I'm confused why this started recently, for many
months I've had no problems.

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