files already downloaded; rsync reporting "permission denied"

Rob Sargent rob at
Mon Nov 19 18:28:09 GMT 2007

Windows-XP; rsync-2.6.9; ant-1.6.5; java-1.[45]
rsync supply is on a linux box: rev-2.6.3

The file set in question has already been downloaded in its entirety 
successfully by rsync.

A follow-on rsync (a potential update) fails with this message:
     [exec] rsync: rename "/c/module/82/.module.jar.VJrzXw" -> 
"82/module.jar": Permission denied (13)

The final extension on the source or the rename (e.g. VJrzXw) varies 
with each invocation.  That file does not exist (by the time rsync exits 

The module.jar contains ant tasks employed in the build.  Is this 
perhaps a Windows issue, not wanting an open file to be touched.  Is the 
"rename" perhaps a ruse?

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