preallocate CPU usage - pre4

Rob Bosch robbosch at
Mon Nov 19 04:43:20 GMT 2007

> Attached is the C++ source for a simple program "allocate" to allocate a file.  Call the 
> program like "./allocate thefile 77000000000".

Now that was fun.  I was creating 300GB files with no fragmentation in less than 1/2 a second!  Seriously, the performance using the program was identical to what Corinna's results were.  I was able to create a file instantaneously without fragmentation.  I tested up to 300GB.  I even did this on the production system while it was under load and still had the same results.  

Then I ran the test to see if rsync took any longer knowing my cygwin environment had changed.  Well, of course, the files were created without any delay.  

I'll chalk this entire problem up to a corrupted cygwin environment and close it out.  Thanks for taking a look at it.  I'll use the allocate program to test my cygwin environment in the future.

> That's Wayne's job.

Right, thanks.

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