preallocate CPU usage - pre4

Rob Bosch robbosch at
Mon Nov 19 01:10:13 GMT 2007

Matt, I have absolutely no programming skills for developing my own program!  I'd be happy to compile and test a program however.  

Are you going to put the fix for the preallocate patch in the 3.0 next pre-release or release?  

I'm pretty sure the function is being called properly since I see the file created after the delay...but it is true that is about all I know.  I'll look into setting up a test to do the trace.

I've been updating my cygwin environment so I'll repeat some tests to see if the problem still exists.  If so, I'll try go gather some more data on it.  If you send me a simple program to compile I'll test that too.  Thanks for your response and support on this patch!!


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