How to change using port from 873 to 22

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Thu Nov 15 10:39:55 GMT 2007

On Wed 14 Nov 2007, ohtsu masahiro wrote:

> The native rsync protocol over port 873 is currently used in my server.
>   I would like to use not port 873 but port 22).
> How should I change ?
>   all I have to change is command option?
> rsync -rp --rsh --> rsync -rp  --ssh 

Have you actually looked an the manpage?
I would think it's pretty clear you need the --port=22 option.
But why use port 22? Won't that already be in use by ssh?
And what's using port 873, which is reserved for rsync?

Paul Slootman

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