Rsync shouldn't display a meaningless speedup on a dry run

Matt McCutchen matt at
Mon Nov 5 18:17:32 GMT 2007

On a dry run, rsync displays a speedup value calculated from the total
size of the source file data and the amount of data sent over the
connection, but this value is meaningless and grossly misleading because
the file data is not sent over the connection.  Example:

[matt at mattlaptop2 test]$ rsync -avi -n ~/eclipse/releases/eclipse-SDK-3.3-linux-gtk.tar.gz .
sending incremental file list
>f+++++++++ eclipse-SDK-3.3-linux-gtk.tar.gz

sent 74 bytes  received 15 bytes  178.00 bytes/sec
total size is 144352015  speedup is 1621932.75

I think rsync should omit the speedup on a dry run.  The attached patch
makes it do so.

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