rsyncing files that might change

Franc Carter franc.carter at
Thu Nov 1 00:35:32 GMT 2007

Hi, I hope I have not been google-incompetant, but I have been unable to
an explicit answer a case I am concerned about.

If am rsyncing a file and I have the the following sequence of events happen
the same second

   1. rsync starts
   2. rsync sends some chunk of data to the other end
   3 a local process modifies the chunk that has just been sent

I have seen statements that rsync does a whole file checksum once the
transfer is complete - but I couldn't find an explicit statement of whether
this checksum is computed after the transfer has completed.

So, my question - is this case a race condition in which a subsequent
run of rsync may miss that the file has been modified and hence skip it ?


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