rsync-ing IMAP mbox-format mailboxes to NetApp

Paul Slootman paul at
Thu May 31 09:14:02 GMT 2007

On Wed 30 May 2007, Chris Wakelin wrote:
> However, our IMAP software (Dovecot, but UW-IMAP does this too) stores
> important, *changing* information (UIDVALIDITY and UIDNEXT) in a header
> in the *first* mail message in the mailbox, so the first block (only!)
> fails the checksum test.

If you're using Dovecot, why use mbox files? Why not Maildir?
With dovecot you can transition part by part, as dovecot automagically
detects whether you use mbox or maildir. Maildir has many advantages
over mbox...

Paul Slootman

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