files deleted without --delete option

Paul Slootman paul at
Fri May 18 14:37:52 GMT 2007

On Fri 18 May 2007, Charles Haven wrote:
> I want to copy all files on the SRC side to the DST side without deleteing
> any from the DST side. However, whenever I run rsync the files on the DST
> side are deleted if they were deleted from the SRC side. What am I doing
> wrong? 
> I am running the following command:
> ========================================================
> rsync -avz --progress --force --delete-excluded --exclude-from=exclude.txt
> myroot at /mnt/harddisk3/

              In addition to deleting the files on the receiving side that are
              not  on  the  sending  side, this tells rsync to also delete any
              files on the receiving side that are excluded  (see  --exclude).
              See the FILTER RULES section for a way to make individual exclu-
              sions behave this way on the receiver, and for a way to  protect
              files  from  --delete-excluded.  See --delete (which is implied)
              for more details on file-deletion.

Note the "--delete (which is implied)" text...

Paul Slootman

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