rsync mechanics question

Izidor Jerebic ij.list at
Thu May 10 06:23:56 GMT 2007

On 10.5.2007, at 2:16, Tom Riley wrote:
> I have 2 mounts on a single computer the production mount is 100gigs
> (/msgstore) and contains rough 17 million small files (email message
> store), and a newly created 500g ufs file system (/mnt)

> However, the curiosity comes in with my source data taking up  
> 86gigs of
> data on a 100g partition, and as the copy progresses the destination
> drive is reporting 240 gigs of usage.
> So as far as I can tell, rsync is working and the data integrity seems
> good, it's simply taking up 2.5 times the space.

The simplest possibility is that the two partitions are using  
different block size, so a small file that occupies one block is  
taking more disk space on the partition with larger block size.


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