rsync mechanics question

Tom Riley axtjr at
Wed May 9 19:18:38 GMT 2007

Hey All,


I've been using rsync (2.6.9) to migrate a 90g message store volume and
I'm running into some interesting results. I have two FC storage arrays
attached to a Sunfire V280R, running Solaris 8. My 100gig volume is on a
Sun StoreEdge 3510, and my new 500gig partition is on an HP EVA.


I used the syntax: rsync -a --stats --delete $SRC/$dir/ $DST/$dir


At present time, the destination volume is 2.5 times the size of the
original volume. My first thought was this may be a drive geometry
issue, and I've been working with Sun to get a solution. They believe
rsync is doing a block level copy, instead of a file level copy. That
doesn't seem to jive with what I've been reading, but wanted to get some
more experienced eyes looking at the problem.


Does rsync copy files at a file copy level or is it attempting to do
some block level copying?  Has anyone experienced this sort of bloated
expansion of space? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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