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Aaron W Morris aaronwmorris at
Fri May 4 16:42:10 GMT 2007

On 5/4/07, akahitz <hvarsani at> wrote:
> hi there,
> i have a rsync server running in deamon mode, with a 1000 plus clients
> connecting to it to retrieve files.
> the problem is that when the clients connects the server has many rsync
> processes running on it, each of which is around 3.8mb each. Basically the
> server is running out of memory and grinding to a halt.
> is there anyway of controlling this or is adding more memory the only
> option?
> thanks in advance

I believe the "max connections" option for rsyncd.conf is what you are
looking for.  More info can be found in the rsyncd.conf man page.

Aaron W Morris (decep)

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