Destination Permissions on Windows XP

Robert Ramin Robert at
Wed Mar 28 16:54:47 GMT 2007

Hello all,


This is my first post to the group, so please go easy on me.


I've setup a cwRsync server on a Windows 2003 Server and an XP client.
I have setup rsync to copy a directory from the server to the client,
and the files transfer perfectly.  The only problem is that the
permissions on the destination are wrong.  I want the permissions on the
destination to end up being the default permissions as if I was creating
the files as the local user on the destination.  Right now, the
permissions end up being a cross between the permissions from the source
and the default local permissions:


Domain Users: Read

Everyone: Read

Local User: Read+Write



I've tried the "-nop" option, but there was no change.


Here is my rsync command line:


rsync  -trvzh --stats --progress --delete
--log-file=/cygdrive/c/AliCopyLog.txt dcserver::AliData


Also, the same issue affects the local log file "AliCopyLog.txt".  This
file gets the same permissions as above when created, where I would like
it to have the default permissions.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am definitely Unix-challenged,
but am very Windows Server knowledgeable.





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