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Fri Mar 23 04:27:47 GMT 2007

Le Jeudi 22 Mars 2007 20:55, Wayne Davison a écrit :
> On Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at 06:22:11PM -0300, Roberto Pereyra wrote:
> > Seems like a ssh issue because if I use the standard rsync port
> > (without shh) works  well.
> Those are two different things.  Without ssh, you're connecting to an
> existing rsync daemon.  With ssh (via -e), you're using a remote shell
> to login to a remote host and start a NEW rsync process to handle a
> single request.  I'd imagine that this new rsync process can't find its
> config file (it looks in the home directory of the user by default).

I have been having the same problem.

Some WinXP systems have cwRsync installed and everything worked well.  Then, 
one laptop started exhibiting trouble.  These are client laptops so I don't 
have much control on what gets done to them.

This is the command I run inside a MS bat file:

cmd /K "rsync.exe -avr --rsh=ssh --progress --stats --delete /cygdrive/d/"My 
Documents" user at server::user_data"

I get this error locally:

Timeout, server not responding

And on the server:

2007/01/24 11:46:18 [59320] connect from <FQDN> (
2007/01/24 11:46:18 [59320] rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes 
received so far) [receiver]
2007/01/24 11:46:18 [59320] rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream 
(code 12) at io.c(462) [receiver=2.6.9]

I have been troubleshooting with a test directory both locally and remotely 
(client and server). I have also upgraded rsync on the server as well as 
re-installed cwRsync on the laptop.

I have attached a tcpdump dump file of the client-server exchange.  .101 is 
the server and .110 is the client.  To make the dump a little more 
understandable, I allowed about 10 seconds to elapse between launching the 
command and submitting the user password.

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