error with rsync and ssh

Matthias Schniedermeyer ms at
Thu Mar 22 22:08:01 GMT 2007

Roberto Pereyra wrote:
> Hi
> I running  a rsync server using  version 2.6.3pre1 in a Solaris 10 server.
> When I try to use ssh to encrypt my data, the rsync client fails with
> this message:

According to documentation what you try simply isn't possible "directly".

If you want transport encryption you have to create an ssh-tunnel and
then do the connect to the daemon through that tunnel.

You can put something like this in .ssh/config
- snip -
Host rsynctunnel
User zone43
LocalForward            1873          
ServerAliveInterval     300
- snip -
This creates a tunnel from localhost port 1873 to remote port 873
You can use whatever you like for the local port.
If the daemon on the remote side doesn't bind to the local IP, you can
use it's correct IP instead.

With that in .ssh/config, this builds the tunnel:
ssh rsynctunnel
After that this should work (i haven't tested it!)
rsync -avz winbox.exe rsync://zone43@localhost:1873::backups

After the rsync completes you can tear down the ssh-connection.

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