rsync --delete is not deleting

Hedley J. Phillips hedley at
Thu Mar 15 17:02:42 GMT 2007

wondering if someone can help. I have googled for this and scoured the
man page, but have got no further.
I am running rsync 2.6.6 on windows and am finding it doesn't delete
files from the target.

For example my batch file has:

rsync -av --delete /cygdrive/G/SAN_ARRAY/XPP_Data/alljobz/

This copies everything over nicely, but doesn't delete files or folders
from the target that have been deleted on the source.

But, if I drill down the directory structure further:

rsync -av --delete

Then rsync will delete sub folders from the GRP_JordansFamily/ directory
as I would expect.

Where am I going wrong and which blindingly obvious instruction have I

Thank you,

Hedley Phillips

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