DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3444] Deal with case-insensitive file-systems better (perhaps by adding an option)

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Fri Jun 22 18:35:31 GMT 2007

------- Comment #8 from wayned at  2007-06-22 13:35 CST -------
That's some compatibility code outside of rsync, since rsync doesn't change the
case of names.  Back in the old days, a filesystem could only hold upper-case
letters.  When mixed case came into effect, some folks wanted to display an
all-upper-case name as lower-case to make it look better.

Check with the cygwin folks, as there is probably a mount option available to
avoid this translation.  Or make sure that your file suffixes are always in
lower case (e.g. CRW_1951.crw).

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