DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3444] Deal with case-insensitive file-systems better (perhaps by adding an option)

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Fri Jun 22 11:40:58 GMT 2007

------- Comment #6 from chrissavery at  2007-06-22 06:40 CST -------
I have been experiencing strange behaviour in a situation like this. I'm not
sure if this is supposed to occur but it doesn't seem like it should. In my
case I am using rsync to copy images from my Windows machine to a remote Linux
server. Filenames are showing up like CRW_1951.CRW in Windows but they are
created in the Linux system as crw_1951.crw - in other words something is
converting case during the rsync process. Rsync on Windows is 2.6.4 using
cwRsync and on Linux kernel, rsync version 2.6.3. This is creating
problems obviously as the change in case means that files don't compare
correctly and in particular using --delete causes all the files to be removed
on the next sync after they have been copied once. I would expect the files
should be copied with case intact - something is altering that and I don't know
if this is due to Windows weird behaviour, rsync or even some ssh interaction.
I'd be most interested in some option that would force case to be consistently
the same as I have noticed that not all files follwo this pattern. For example,
I have files like CRW_2063-Edit-2.psd and CRW_1965.xmp that actually do keep
their case intact when created on the receiving end. Is this problem being
caused by differing versions that don't talk properly to each other?

(In reply to comment #0)
> When cygwin is involved on either end of the transmission, when the only
> difference between a file on the local machine and a file on the remote machine
> is the case of their file name and that the --delete option is provided, the
> destination file is deleted and the source file is not copied.

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