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Paul Slootman paul at
Thu Jun 21 10:44:16 GMT 2007

On Tue 19 Jun 2007, Max Kipness wrote:
> For some time I've noticed something that seems very strange to me when
> setting an rsync session for delete. 
> The destination path of the backup is /backup/Latest/Latest/CORP-SERVER/ so
> for new/changed files the logs appropriately report for example:
> backup/Latest/Latest/CORP-SERVER/....
> for each file/directory.
> However, when a file does not exist on the source end, and a deletion occurs
> I get the following bizarre line in the logs for each file:
> var/www/CORP-SERVER/C$/Corp/User Files/xxx-company/Admin/Property
> Asstes/Apartments/Sequoia/Photos/
> Sequoia Bend/DSC03632.JPG:::0:::0:::*deleting
> I've added the colons to the logging format to easily parse the data.
> But why does it show var/www ? /var/www/html/command is where the rsync

%f is basically the full path name, from the module root (/ if you're
%not talking to a daemon, I believe).

I think you want %n

> My parameters are: --stats --compress --recursive --partial --archive --del
> --times --log-format=%f:::
> %l:::%b:::%i"

Curious, the manpage doesn't list --log-format as an option :-)  I would
have used --out-format.

It helps, BTW, if you paste the exact command used, that makes it clear
whether you're connecting to a daemon, what the module name is, etc.

Paul Slootman

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