Hi. help!No such file or directory

Giuliano Gavazzi dev+lists at humph.com
Wed Jun 20 11:19:44 GMT 2007

On 20 Jun 2007, at 11:37, EffectCrash wrote:

> Thanks.
> Bug I just have a question. I dont know the abspath on the remote.
> How do i manually create the dir?  Can you give me an example?

if you do not know the absolute path how do you know that you are not  
overwriting some existing directory structure? rsync uses ssh, so the  
relative paths should routed to the home directory of the user you  
are using. Also, you appear to have the remote host as,  
that is not remote at all!
Since you use the --delete option I would be very careful at the what  
I use for target path and *never* use a relative path.

However, since rsync uses ssh, if you run the command to create the  
directory structure from ssh giving the same path you give to rsync,  
you should create the directory in the correct absolute location. But  
remember what I said above.


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