Compression and Excludes not working

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Thu Jun 14 18:25:35 GMT 2007

On 6/14/07, Hussein Patwa <hspatwa at> wrote:
> Using rsync 2.6.9:

> Also this command:
> rsync -e "ssh -p 2222" -axzvc --progress --stats
> patwa at --exclude=/home/patwa/public_html/dl/
> --exclude=/home/patwa/public_html/jithwish/
> --exclude=/home/patwa/public_html/senaka/ /home/H/HGBackup13062007 ; sync
> Works in that it transfers the data, but completely ignores the exclude
> requests, transferring even the data in folders I want to exclude.

I can answer the second problem.  Rsync interprets exclude patterns
that start with / relative to the last slash in the source argument.
Thus, you should use


instead.  Or you can tell rsync that your patterns are relative to the
root of the filesystem using a filter rule with a / modifier:

--filter='-/ /home/patwa/public_html/dl/'
--filter='-/ /home/patwa/public_html/jithwish/'
--filter='-/ /home/patwa/public_html/senaka/'


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