Compression and Excludes not working

Hussein Patwa hspatwa at
Thu Jun 14 18:03:04 GMT 2007


Using rsync 2.6.9:

--compress-level=9 brings up an error "Command not found".

Also this command:
rsync -e "ssh -p 2222" -axzvc --progress --stats
patwa at --exclude=/home/patwa/public_html/dl/
--exclude=/home/patwa/public_html/senaka/ /home/H/HGBackup13062007 ; sync

Works in that it transfers the data, but completely ignores the exclude
requests, transferring even the data in folders I want to exclude.

Any help with this appreciated.



Hussein Patwa
Tel: 0870 803 2824
Tel: 0789 47 595 62

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