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Wed Jun 13 15:19:15 GMT 2007

           Summary: Amazon S3 storage interface for rsync
           Product: rsync
           Version: 3.0.0
          Platform: Other
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: P3
         Component: core
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Amazon last year launched a "Simple Storage Service":


Amazon S3 is intentionally built with a minimal feature set.

    * Write, read, and delete objects containing from 1 byte to 5 gigabytes of
data each. The number of objects you can store is unlimited.
    * Each object is stored and retrieved via a unique, developer-assigned key.
    * Authentication mechanisms are provided to ensure that data is kept secure
from unauthorized access. Objects can be made private or public, and rights can
be granted to specific users.
    * Uses standards-based REST and SOAP interfaces designed to work with any
Internet-development toolkit.
    * Built to be flexible so that protocol or functional layers can easily be
added.  Default download protocol is HTTP.  A BitTorrent(TM) protocol interface
is provided to lower costs for high-scale distribution.  Additional interfaces
will be added in the future. 


I would like to see rsync support S3 as a storage target. There are utilities
that perform rsync-like functionality with S3 but they are inferior, IMHO, to

I'm willing to provide funded S3 access credentials and a small incentive
payment upon completion (ie. integration with the rsync standard release) to
recognized, qualified, rsync developers. Obviously this has to all be

Since S3 is not a filesystem there will need to be conventions created for how
filesystem metadata (permissions, etc.) is stored on S3. Whole file checksums
using the MD5 algorithm are supported by S3.

This is a project that I'd like to see completed for personal use... not a
corporate funded effort so don't get starry eyes. I think it would be a wildly
popular feature based upon the uptake S3 is getting. Something like ~5 Billion
objects are stored on S3 so there is plenty of use going on out there.


 List buckets on S3

 List contents of the testrsync bucket

rsync --create-bucket
 Create the bucket if it does not exist

rsync ./testfile
 Transfer testfile from the testrsync bucket

rsync --create-bucket ./testfile
 Transfer testfile to the testrsync bucket

rsync -avz $HOME
 Transfer contents of $HOME recursively to the testrsync bucket preserving

rsync -avz $HOME
 Bring it all back.

There will also need to be some S3 permission modifiers that apply to bucket
and object creation:


That doesn't cover all of the ACL options S3 can do but those are the ones I

Contact me if you are interested in working on this.

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