how to disable all checksum calculations?

Bastiaan Bakker Bastiaan.Bakker at
Thu Jun 7 13:54:20 GMT 2007


I've a directory of large log files (> 100M) that I want to rsync to
another server in short intervals (say every minute).
With the --append option I can avoid resending whole files at every
sync. But rsync still calculates the checksum over the complete files
every time, which claims a significant share of CPU and IO resources.
Since the log files are always written in append-only mode, I'm
confident that --append mode correctly reconstructs the files at the
remote server, so I would like to get rid of the checksum calculation.
AFAIK rsync doesn't have an option to disable all checksum calculations
(please let me know if I'm wrong). I looked at the source code to add it
myself, couldn't figure where to turn off the calculation and to signal
the peer.
If anyone could drop a hint as to what the right approach would be, that
would be appreciated very much.


Bastiaan Bakker
E.Novation LifeLine Networks bv
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