Feature request: External deletion command

Melmi hascii at gmx.de
Thu Jun 7 07:37:12 GMT 2007

Eberhard wrote:
> Filenames will stay original. rsync creates the true original directory 
> structure (as far as needed) below the backup-dir, so no need to change 
> filenames.

I know. We misunderstood each other, I guess. Example:
/home/mario/myfile.txt ist to be securely deleted. Using the "wipe" tool, not only the contents of the file are overwriten multiple times. The filename entry is also overwriten lots of times, so even the name of the file can not be recovered.
But this file would still exist in the backup directory /backup/mario/myfile.txt. After the next rsync run, it would be moved to /backup/old_saved. As you said, it can be securely deleted there, including filename destruction. But the filename entry for /backup/mario/myfile.txt was only modified by the rsync move, and now there is no way of destroying it securely.
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