Feature request: External deletion command

Melmi hascii at gmx.de
Thu Jun 7 07:29:28 GMT 2007

Matt wrote:
> The applications
> you use to edit the file could have saved its name in any number of
> caches or recently-used lists.  

Well, thats possible in some cases but thats a different problem. My $HOME partition is encrypted, and most Apps store those thinks in there.

> Application memory containing the
> filename (or even the data) could have been swapped out to disk,
> leaving traces of the name on the swap partition.

Im not using a swap partition.

> Are you going to
> track down and wipe all those places too?

As said, thats a different problem which needs to be adressed. But rsync ist not supposed to help me out with that.
Bye, Mario
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