Exclude option not working

Madhavan Chari madhavanchari at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 12:03:39 GMT 2007

Hi ,

Hope you are doing good.

I am Madhavan from India . I was trying to implement the wonderful rsync
concept in my project for file mirroring.
I implemented the functunality but the only problem  I am facing is in the *
exclude* directory option.
Though I am trying to exclude the directory by giving proper syntex for
exclude but I find once the whole
rsync is completed the directory still gets copied in target location.

Here is what I am tryng to do:

rsync -az -t -e ssh -vv --delete --delete-excluded
opt/mscdr/arb821/Server/logs --delete-excluded
opt/mscdr/arb821/Server/altavistaDir --exclude --bwlimit=1000
$HOSTTOBACKUP:$SOURCE $DR_BACKUP_DIR/daily.0 >$tempfile 2>&1

Here the logs and altavistaDir is getting copied which must be excluded as
per the reference material I refered from the internet.

I would appreciate your help in this regards as I dont have any other
refernce to get the exact cause for the problem.

Madhavan Chari
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