rsync 2.6.9 error copying files containing '::' ?

John Neil johnneil at
Tue Jul 24 20:53:58 GMT 2007

On Jul 24, 2007, at 1:33 PM, Matt McCutchen wrote:

> On 7/24/07, John Neil <johnneil at> wrote:
>>    rsync 2.6.9 appears to have a problem syncing files that contain
>> '::' in their filename.  I ran into this set of errors recently:
>> [jneil-pc:fermi1/hw/fermi1_gf100][162]> /home/utils/rsync-2.6.9/bin/
>> rsync -ah -z --rsh=/bin/rsh --rsync-path='/usr/bin/env -i /home/ 
>> utils/
>> rsync-2.6.9/bin/rsync' --exclude='/cygwin/cygwin-*/' sunfire7:/home/
>> nv/utils/ /home/nv/utils/
>> rsync: mkstemp "/home/nv/utils/file_locking/file_locking-0.01/man/
>> man3/.Fcntl::Flock.3.2laWW6" failed: Invalid argument (22)
>> rsync: mkstemp "/home/nv/utils/file_locking/file_locking-0.01/man/
>> man3/.Fcntl::Flock::Spin.3.QKZcUB" failed: No such file or  
>> directory (2)
> These errors show that the receiving rsync is trying to create the
> files but the operating system/filesystem is refusing them.  What OS
> is the receiving machine running?  If (as your email address hints) it
> is Mac OS X, the errors could be a result of ":" being the path
> separator on older versions of Mac OS.  Try creating files of the
> offending names manually at the shell.  If you get the same errors,
> you know the errors are not rsync's fault.
> If you don't need the "::" files on the destination, you can tell
> rsync not to even try to copy them by passing --exclude='**::**' .  If
> you want rsync to translate the names to something the destination
> accepts, add your support to this enhancement request:
> .
> Matt

The receiving OS is Cygwin, and yes I cannot manually create local  
files with the same name either.  Thanks for the tip!

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