DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4793] link-dest hardlink does not always work well with -o -g -p

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Fri Jul 20 15:36:22 GMT 2007

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> Is there a tool to save permissions and then reapply them? 
> This would work for me.

The rsync source package comes with a Perl tool to reapply attributes of your
choice (permissions, user owners, and/or group owners), which you can also find
here: . 
The corresponding attribute-saving tool is just "find . -ls".

Another alternative you might consider is using rdiff-backup ( ).  It makes a backup zone containing a
full tree of the most recent backup, a separate listing of all the original
attributes (so they are known if the attributes on the backup tree are never
set or get corrupted), and a chain of backward deltas of files and attributes
for previous backups.  The advantage is that you get data and attributes for
all backups in less space than with rsync --link-dest; the disadvantage is
that, to restore files from a previous backup, you have to go through
rdiff-backup rather than copying the files out directly.

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