rsync and copying ACL

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Tue Jul 17 01:54:36 GMT 2007

On 7/12/07, Wayne Davison <wayned at> wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 09, 2007 at 02:19:43PM +0200, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> > sending incremental file list
> > recv_acl_access: value out of range: ff
> This is becuase there is not an MS Windows compatibility section in the
> ACL code.  I assume that the Win copy is using the Posix code, and that
> requires that the copied ACL data has an access bit set that is in the
> range of 0-7.  To make this work, someone will need to understand how MS
> Windows ACLs differ from Posix ACLs and work out some compatibility
> code.

Vincent: Srinivasa Battula <sbattula at> has made a modified
version of rsync that copies Windows ACLs perfectly when running on
his modified version of Cygwin.  You might want to ask him for copies
of his rsync and cygwin and try them out.


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