Might hanging bugs remain in rsync 3.0.0?

jholt at bennington.edu jholt at bennington.edu
Mon Jul 16 14:46:38 GMT 2007

On Jul 16, 2007, at 8:55 AM, Matt McCutchen wrote:

> Instead of
> making users scratch their heads when something goes wrong, I think it
> would be prudent to make --no-ir the default in rsync 3.0.0.  (I'm
> afraid that if you don't, some distributions might.)  Users who care
> about the improved performance and are aware of the possible
> consequence of instability could still pass --ir.  Other users would
> enjoy the numerous other enhancements in rsync 3.0.0 without the
> chance of a bug in incremental recursion stopping the show.  Once
> incremental recursion has gone through a release or two without any
> problems, I would make it the default.

Ugh, no. Please don't suggest changing the default setting of a  
switch in a future release. This causes no end of headaches. Talk  
about ruining expectations!

For what it's worth, I think your concerns are just a bit overblown.  
Bugs occur. That's what dot releases are for. I for one think the  
rsync code is as good or better than most, and I've seen a lot of  
large projects.

Joe Holt
Computing, Bennington College

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