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------- Comment #2 from wayned at  2007-07-11 23:14 CST -------
One thing you can do to avoid a gap causing a problem in the hard-linking of
files is to use multiple --link-dest options.  If the previous night's rsync
did not complete, there may not be a file in yesterday's directory for an
unchanged file to hard-link with, but if it's in the prior day's directory, it
will be found and hard-linked.  So, order the days like this (ignore the fact
that the path's should be either absolute or .. relative):

rsync -av --link-dest=july10 --link-dest=july09 --link-dest=july08 ...

This will solve the problem where rsync tries to copy too much data if you
don't have time to re-run it to completion as Matt suggested.

Also note that if you do rerun a --link-dest copy, there is the risk that an
already-hard-linked file could get its attributes changed if a file has changed
since the start of the first rsync run (since the destination directory is no
longer empty).  Because of this, it is a good idea to use the option
--ignore-existing when re-running a partial --link-dest rsync copy; this tells
rsync to skip the files that have already been duplicated into the destination

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