%f bug in --out-format, patch for 2.6.9 ? (better mail formating)

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 00:33:31 GMT 2007

On 7/1/07, reno <reno at faubourg.org> wrote:
> I'm experiencing various output bugs using --out-format with %f in rsync 2.6.9

You seem to expect that %f will always give you an absolute path, but
that's not what it is designed to do.  In the rsyncd.conf man page,
"long form on sender" means only that you see the source path you gave
on the command line.  If you want absolute paths in the log, use an
absolute source path.  Deletions are logged by the receiving side, and
on the receiving side, %f is only meant to give you the path inside
the file-list.  If you want absolute paths, your script has to prepend
the absolute destination path to each logged path itself, perhaps
using "sed".

See this thread for more information:

> $ rsync -ntr --out-format="%o %f" --delete source/ destination
> del. home/renard/test/delete.txt    (should be "del. home/renard/test/destination/delete.txt")

As per my comment above, the expected output path is "delete.txt", not

> - Fixed a problem with the --out-format (aka --log-format) option: it would output superfluous directory
> information for a non-daemon rsync.

...and that snippet refers to the bug that the "home/renard/test" part
appears.  The attached patch for rsync 2.6.9 fixes the bug.

> $ rsync -ntr --out-format="%o %f" --delete destination
> del. home/renard/test/destination/delete.txt  (correct)

Not really; this is another example of the bug and the expected output
is "delete.txt".

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